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Biobank Term Annotations

Task: Add missing annotations into BioBank ontology including: definition source and term editor.

The Biobank ontology is developed for representing and annotating entities related to Biobank repositories. More information can be foiund at: https://code.google.com/p/biobank-ontology/.

Note: This example focuses on adding missing annotations to existing ontology terms in the Biobank Ontology.


1. Design Pattern:

Adding annotations to existing ontology terms.


2. Ontorat Template Files:

Ontorat setting file: Ontorat_settings_biobank.txt (.txt format)

Ontorat input template file: Ontorat_input_biobank_template.xlsx (.xlsx format)


3. Ontorat Example:

Introduction: This example aims to add cell line cells based on the CLO. The input data is a list of cell line cells collected from the Japan Rikens institute.

Ontorat input data file (based on template): Ontorat_input_biobank.xlsx (.xlsx format)

Ontorat output file: Ontorat_output_biobank.owl (.owl format)

Ontorat output new IDs file when adding new ontology classes:Ontorat_output_newIds_biobank.xlsx (.xlsx format)


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