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Design Pattern, Template, and Example: BCGO Mouse Strain

Task: Add mouse strain terms into Beta Cell Genomics Ontology (BCGO) with rich metadata including: label, alternative term, definition, definition source and term editor.


1. Design Pattern:

This use case adds new mouse strain terms with rich annotations.


2. Ontorat Template Files:

Ontorat setting file: Ontorat_settings_strain.txt (.txt format)

Ontorat input template file: Ontorat_input_strain_template.xlsx (.xlsx format)


3. Ontorat Example:

Introduction: This example aims to add mouse strain terms into the Beta Cell Genomics Ontology (BCGO).

Ontorat input data file (based on template): Ontorat_input_strain.xlsx (.xlsx format)

Ontorat output file: Ontorat_output_strain.owl (.owl format)

Ontorat output new IDs file when adding new ontology classes: Ontorat_output_newIds_strain.xlsx (.xlsx format)


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